25 Best Golden Retriever Memes

Written by Wen Duan

Golden Retrievers are a joy to be around and (in our slightly biased opinion) make the most photogenic and hilarious memes.

If you love the friendliness, intelligence, and devotion of a Golden Retriever, then you'll love golden retriever memes.  I've scoured the internet for the best Golden Retriever memes that made me laugh out loud and had to share the joy! 

Here are 25 more reasons to love Golden Retrievers!

1. Golden Retrievers sees our hypocrisy.

2. Golden Retrievers are the smartest blondes.  

3. Golden Retrievers are better than all of us. 

4. #Goals

5. Naps > Getting Wet

6. Give Golden Retrievers ALL the attention. ALL. 

7. Definition of #FOMO

8. Cuteness makes puppies tired. 

9. Be my friend! I needs all the friends. 

10. Golden Retrievers are too smart for their own good.

11. Golden Retriever's love is unconditional. 

12. Things just happen sometimes. 

13. Yes, please! We did!  

14. Disappointment personified. 

15. Golden Retrievers are the best investment. #TakeMyMoney

16. Goldens are smart but like 90% of the time. 

17. Goldens like to be pampered too. 

18. Golden Retriever = Boss 

20. What do we have here?

21. Golden Retrievers loves all the treats! 

22. I don't know about a new sibling. 

23. We all need one of these when we don't have our dogs with us... 

24. Cuteness! 

25. The end! 

Have any memes you'd like to share? Which one was your favorite?  Comment down below. I want to know! 

About the author

Wen Duan

Wen is a proud dog mom and a frequent contributor to our GoldenRetrieverLove.com blog.

  • Wow! Such a good collection of golden retriever memes! My favorite ones were the memes places at numbers 3, 4, 8, and 10.

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