Best Chew Proof Crate Pad for Large Dogs 2022

Written by Cory Eckert

While there is no such thing as a 100% chew "proof" crate pad or dog bed, there are some crate pads and dog beds available that have been designed to be durable enough to withstand your favorite pup's best attempts to maim and destroy them beyond recognition.

Here is what you need to know when shopping for a chew resistant crate pad or chew proof dog bed:

Quick Comparison: Best Chew Resistant Dog Crate Pads/Beds



#1 - K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad

#2 - Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed

#3 - Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker

#4 - Pet Progressions Dog Crate Pad by K&H

Below you will find more detailed reviews on each of the products we looked at and more insight into why we chose the crate pads we did and in what order.

If you believe we missed one, please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this post!

4 Tips On How To Choose The Best Chew Proof Crate Pad

1. Know your dog. Consider the crate pads your dog has chewed up in the past; buy something different and avoid buying a crate pad with characteristics he likes to chew, like labels or zippers.

2. Budget. When it comes to dog beds, there are two schools of thought: long term quality or regular replacement. Dog owners either buy an expensive bed hoping to have a well made bed that will last, or buy a cheap bed knowing they will replace it often.

3. Warranty. Before investing in an expensive bed, check if the company has a replacement or refund warranty to avoid wasting money if the crate pad does not stand up to your dog's daily use.

4. Be Realistic and Patient. Remember that there is no such thing as a 100% chew proof crate pad; do not hold that expectation against anything that you purchase. If you have a determined chewer, finding the right bed may take some trial and error.

What Are The Advantages and Benefits Of Chew Proof Crate Pads?

Some of the benefits of purchasing a chew proof crate pad are:

Materials and Construction. The biggest advantage to a chew resistant crate pad is that it will be constructed out of tough materials and the construction may be altered to be less appealing to chewing. For example, some chew resistant crate pads have corners that may be secured directly to a crate, or others do not have zippers or corner seams, as these areas may be attractive to dogs who chew.

Functional Fabric. Chew resistant crate pads are often made of duck fabric or canvas fabric, which may repel hair from sticking to them. These fabrics generally do not pill in the wash and age well.

Characteristics of Chew Resistant Crate Pads

Look for the following attributes to make the best purchase possible:

  • Dog beds need to be easy to clean; only buy a machine washable crate pad to make clean up easier.
  • The fabric needs to be thick and tough; look for crate pads made of canvas or duck fabric.
  • Crate pads for dogs that chew should also be thick to prevent your dog from becoming stiff from laying on the hard crate bottom.

What Is The Best Way To Use Chew Resistant Crate Pads?

Dog crates often have very hard and uncomfortable bottoms; use dog crate mats or pads to prevent your dog suffering from joint pain from being crated.

A chew resistant crate pad is ideal for dogs who are crated for long periods, as they may become bored and chew beds to entertain themselves, or as a result of separation anxiety.

*Keep in mind that dogs should not be crated for excessive amounts of time like 8-12 hours. If you cannot give your dog a break every 5 hours, hire a dog walker.

Precautions To Consider When Using A Chew Resistant Crate Pad

As I mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as 100% indestructible dog crate pads. That being said, there are precautions to take when allowing your dog to use a crate pad or bed:

Distractions. If your dog will be crated for a long period of time, provide distractions, such as toys filled with treats, to occupy him from wanting to chew his bed.

Ingestion. If a dog shreds a bed, they may ingest pieces of the bed. The larger the pieces, the risk for surgical intervention becoming necessary increases. If you return home to a torn up bed, put the remaining pieces together like a puzzle to assess how much your dog ate.

Monitor your dog's behavior, and if he displays signs of abdominal pain, seek veterinary treatment. Pieces ingested may pass through naturally, but that is never guaranteed. Avoiding necessary veterinary care has the potential to be life threatening for your dog.

Stuffing. Always check what material is used as stuffing inside a dog bed. Some beds are stuffed with strips of fabric that could be a choking hazard if a dog tries to swallow them or if they wrap around his neck.

Here are my Top 4 Picks for Chew Proof Crate Pads:

K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad

The K9 Ballistics Crate Pad brings something new to the table to impede chewing: tie down corners. This prevents dogs from being able to reposition the mat in a way that would allow them to chew it.

K9 Ballistic Pad Pros

  • Tie Down Corners. This bed has loops on all four corners for the bed to be zip tied to each corner of the crate to keep it in place, not bunched up in-between paws, positioned for chewing.
  • No Zippers or Velcro. There are no zippers or velcro on this bed, which makes it less appealing to chewers who target those types of closures. This feature also makes it easier to clean; there is no fighting a cover off and on the interior material.
  • Easy to Clean. Customers state that the fabric feels durable and is easy to clean. This crate pad is machine washable.
  • Warranty. K9 Ballistics offers a 120 day chew proof warranty; if the crate pad is chewed up within 120 days of purchase, they will replace the crate pad once at no cost to you.

K9 Ballistic Pad Cons

  • The crate pad is not very thick; this is problematic for dogs who suffer from arthritis or other physical aliments.
  • Some owners of powerful chewers, both large and small breeds, stated that the bed did not stand up to the challenge of surviving their dogs for even a full day.

Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed With Water-Repellent Coating

Carhartt coats are famous for their durability, making their signature canvas the ideal material for tough dog beds.

Carhartt Dog Bed Pros

  • Water Repellant Coating. If your dog has an accident while crated or while using their bed, this coating will prevent the interior material from becoming ruined. Multiple customers confirmed that this bed repels liquid effectively, even after the bed was washed in a washing machine several times.
  • Thickness. This bed is approximately 4.25" thick, which is ideal for dogs suffering from arthritis or other joint pain who need a thick bed to be comfortable.
  • Carefully constructed baffle interior. The interior baffle constructed polyester fiber filled cushion was designed to keep the stuffing in place, which avoids the stuffing being bunched up when the bed is washed.

Carhartt Dog Bed Cons

  • Zipper. This bed has a zipper. Although the zipper is partially concealed by a zipper flap, a determined dog who likes to chew on zippers will not be put off by that. That being said, the zipper is the same durable Carhartt zipper found on their coats.
  • Sizes. There are only two sizes available as of the publishing of this article; medium and large.
  • No warranty. If this bed does not stand up to the test, Carhartt will not replace it for free, unless a manufacturing defect was present.

Orthopedic Crate Pad by Big Barker

Give your dog the ultimate napping experience with the comfortable and durable Big Barker orthopedic crate pad.

Give your dog the ultimate napping experience with the comfortable and durable Big Barker orthopedic crate pad.

Big Barker Orthopedic Crate Pad Pros

  • Made in America. This bed is made in America with American sourced products.
  • High quality foam. This bed is made with high quality Certi-PUR US certified foam that is made to contour to your dog's body and will not flatten over time. The thickness of the foam supports joints, and makes the bed difficult for dogs to reposition to chew on.
  • Waterproof and Durable. The cover is made of durable military grade, water proof fabric.
  • Made for crates. This crate pad was designed specifically to be used in a dog crate, making it the right shape to perfectly fit in the plastic tray found in the bottom of standard dog crates.
  • Temperature Control. The foam stays cool to keep your dog comfortable on the crate pad.
  • Warranty. Big Barker has a warranty on this crate pad that gives owners peace of mind when investing in a bed of higher price.

Big Barker Orthopedic Crate Pad Cons

  • Color Options. At the time of the publishing of this article, this bed is only available in tan.
  • Price. The Big Barker crate pad is more expensive than the competition as of the publishing of this article, but that is a result of the higher quality materials required to make a better quality dog bed.
  • Cover. Some customers stated that the cover tore when being washed in a washing machine.

Pet Progressions by K&H Bolster Pet Bed

Make your anxious dog feel more secure with this bolstered bed.

K&H Bolster Bed Pros

  • Bolster. The bolstered edges are great for dogs with anxiety, or dogs with vision or hearing difficulties; it can provide them with more comfort and security when they have the bolster hugging them. The bolster can also make a crate more comfortable for any dog by protecting them from leaning against the uncomfortable edge of the plastic tray or the metal grid of the crate.
  • Fabric. This bed is made from water proof, stain and odor resistant fabric, which is important considering how much trauma some dog beds will go through in a life time.
  • Color options. This bed is available in two attractive colors at the time of the publishing of this article: gray and orange, or navy and purple.
  • No Corner Seams. Some dogs are drawn to chewing on corner seams of beds; this bed does not have any, which may discourage that chewing habit.

K&H Bolster Bed Cons

  • Reviews. As of the publishing of this article, there were only 9 customer reviews available; the overall quality and durability of this bed is still being discovered.
  • Label. Some customers mentioned that their dogs were drawn to chewing on the label on the front of the bed, and that resulted in the bed's untimely demise.


Based upon the beds compared in this article, the K9 Ballistics Crate Pad was the best choice for heavy chewers for these reasons:

  • The crate pad's tie down corners and rip-stop fabric contribute to long term durability.
  • The crate pad is available in a variety of sizes which allows use by a variety of breeds.
  • The fabric is available in multiple colors to compliment any home's decor.
  • No zippers or velcro are present, which many heavy chewers target.
  • The crate pad is easy to wash.

If your dog has arthritis or has another medical conditions that requires more cushioning than the K9 Ballistics Crate Pad offers, consider purchasing the Big Barker Orthopedic Crate Pad to use beneath the K9 Ballistics Crate pad. By putting the tougher bed on top, the orthopedic bed can be better protected while still offering the joint support your dog needs.

And finally, beyond just joint support, there are even heated dog bed options to help dogs with old joints sleep a bit more comfy.

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