Best Dog Nail Grinders And Clippers For Golden Retrievers 2022

Written by Wen Duan

Best dog nail grinders and clippers for golden retrievers

It's so important to keep on top of your dog's nails. I've tried many dog nail clippers over the years, and through trial and sharp cracked nails, I've come to the conclusion that not all dog nail clippers are created equal. I just picked up one at a store thinking it'll just be fine, only to find that it's hard to get it around my dog's nails. Which only escalates my stress and then my dog's stress in an already stressful situation.

In my journey to find the best tool to cut and maintain my dog's nails, I've put together my comprehensive research I did for my dog into this article. 

Before diving into clipping or grinding, be sure to check out our post on HOW to do each and you can decide which will work best for you! How to Cut and/or Grind Your Dogs Toe Nails

Nail Clippers Vs. Grinders

There are two main ways to help maintain your dog's nails. Depending on your dog, one may work better than another. Nail clippers cut your dog's nails and grinders file them down. Depending on how you approach your nail maintenance with your dog and you dog's history with certain tools, one may work better than the other. A lot of groomers and owners use both so they can have the quick cut from the nail clippers and round smooth nails from nail grinders. 

Nail Clippers Pros and Cons 

  • Nail clippers are quicker
  • Cheaper than grinders
  • No electricity Needed 
  • Quieter than grinder
  • Easy to cut the quick 
  • Can cause nail breakage
  • Can cause sharp nails
  • Harder to use with dark nails
  • Can pinch your dog's paw or nail

A lot of nail clipping issues happen when your clippers are not sharp enough or are dulling. There's no good way to resharpen your clippers.

Dull clippers can cause cracked nails and nail squeezing which is unpleasant for both you and your dog.  A lot of clippers have guards that can help you not cut the quick. 

Nail Grinders Pros and Cons 

  • Rounded smooth nails
  • Great for thick nails
  • Harder to hit the quick
  • More control
  • Doesn't get dull/replacable parts
  • Odor and dust 
  • Loud and scary
  • Gets got after long usage
  • Vibrates
  • Much slower than clippers

Nail grinders are great for dogs with black nails or if you have a hard time seeing the quick. Grinders do get hot, so make sure to take a break between each nail to cool down the grinder. 

If you have patience you can get the best nail trim with filing down of their nails. 

Qualities of a good Dog nail clipper


Blade quality: Look for blades that are super sharp and will stay sharp for a long time. In my list of best Nail Clippers, I only look and use Nail Clippers that are used by professional groomers who have to cut multiple nails a day. This is a good test of how sharp the blades stay. The sharper the blade the cleaner the cut. Not only will dull blades be harder to use but they can damage your dog's nails by splitting and cracking them which can be painful. 


How Loud are the clippers? For dogs who are easily stressed by this whole process, the quieter the clipper the better. A lot of times the clippers can be loud because the blade is dull. 


Appropriate size: Not all nail clippers are made for the same size of dogs. What will work for larger dogs will not work for smaller dogs. Larger dogs have thicker nails and need a sharp and appropriate size blade. 

Best Golden Retriever Dog Nail Clippers 

The Miller's Forge Quality Nail Clippers are great for large dogs and are professional grade clippers used by vets and groomers. These blades are very sharp and makes for a smooth cut with no cracking.

  • Stainless steel, super sharp blades
  • Made in Italy
  • Groomer and vet choice tool


  • Designed for dogs over 40 pounds
  • Sharp and strong clipper
  • Does not split the nail
  • Long lasting stays sharp for 10 years


  • Handles are poorly fitted and slippery 

The Safari Professional nail trimmer are a sharp stainless steel trimmers. I love it because you can see the nail when you cut and the cut is easy and smooth.

  • Easy to use
  • Made for all sizes
  • Groomer and vet choice tool


  • Quality stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic and great handles
  • Quick guard and locking mechanism


  • Steel goes dull faster than other clippers
  • Quick guard is loose

Epica nail clippers are made with stainless steel and have anti-slip rubber handles for extra safety. These clippers are great for tough nails.

  • Stainless steel
  • Great for large dogs
  • Strong handles


  • Comes in two sizes for small dogs and large dogs
  • Heavy duty handles
  • Springloaded
  • 100% lifetime warranty


  • Annoying loose guards  
  • Clippers make loud sounds when clipped
  • Blade sharpness varies

The Miller's Forge Quality Nail Clippers are sharp nail clippers that have a spring loaded cutting mechanism.Great for use on small to large dogs (doesn't work well for giant breeds such as a mastiff). 

  • Sharp stainless steel
  • Spring loaded mechanism
  • Smooth cut


  • Do not apply too much pressure
  • Super sharp with smooth cut
  • Can see the toenail better
  • Thin and lightweight


  • Small
  • Annoying lock and guard
  • Red rubber handles slides off

Boshel's Nail chippers are safe nail chippers that stay sharp with regular use. These heavy duty clippers have built in guards that prevent you from cutting too much. The guards are great for dogs with black nails since it is harder to see the quick. 

  • Sharp stainless steel
  • Spring loaded mechanism
  • Safety blade sensor to prevent too deep of cuts


  • Ergonomic
  • Safety blade sensor 
  • Nail file in the handle
  • Sharp and easy to use


  • Safety lock sometimes lock up
  • Annoying lock and guard

Qualities of a good Dog nail grinder


Grinder Powder and Grit Strength: With larger dogs, you'll have to deal with tougher nails. It's best to find a grinder with two speeds and has a powerful motor. But be careful with more power there will be more friction and heat which can burn your dog's nail. 


Ease of Use: Look for a grinder that is easy to use and gives you control when grinding your dog's nails. A good quality grinder should be cordless, easy to recharge, and light weight. 


Grinding stone options: Look for replacement head options and a variety of options. Not all grinders use the same type of sanding paper or stone. 

Best Golden Retriever Dog Nail Grinder

1. Dremel 7300 Pet Nail Tool (Groomer's Choice)

The Dremel 7300 Pet Nail Tool is a groomer's nail grinding pick. You can switch out different types of sanding bands depending on your dog's size and nails.

  • Two speed Dremel
  • 3 Hour battery charger
  • Up to 13,000 RPM


  • Cordless and quiet 
  • Easy to use and charge
  • Includes 5 sanding bands
  • Comes with 2 Year warranty


  • Louder unit
  • Bottom heavy

The Hertzo Pet Nail Grinder is the quietest, powerful portable Nail grinder at an affordable price. It's a popular affordable option that is great for grooming puppies who don't like a large motor sound. 

  • Portable with USB wire charger
  • Quiet trimmer with muted motor 
  • 1 x Diamond bit grinding stone


  • Quiet
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Low vibrations
  • Easier cleanup 


  • Takes longer for larger dogs 
  • Not good for taking off length

The Paw Grinder is a classic two-speed nail grinder with multiple band attachments. It comes with a coarse stone and two coarse bands for different types of grinding.

  • Quiet trimmer
  • 2-speed design
  • Adjustable safety guard 


  • Quiet
  • Grinder options
  • Multiple stone options


  • Not very tidy

This is a must have if you are cutting your dog's nails. Now whether you get a clipper or a grinder, it's hard to avoid the quick. If you've ever hit your dog's quick, then you know that the bleeding does not stop. Have a styptic powder on hand for when you do hit the quick to help stop the bleeding. 

  • Dry powder that clots blood quickly
  • Quiet trimmer with muted motor 
  • Used by professional and groomers on dogs, cats, birds. 

Did I miss anything? Have any tips? Comment down below and let me know what's worked for you and what hasn't worked! 

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