Best Ear Cleaning Solutions For Golden Retrievers 2020

Written by Wen Duan

Dirty ears don't sound like much of an issue to us, we have opposable thumbs and q-tips after all. But to a dog, dirty ears can be an absolute nightmare!

If you notice your dog scratching at their ears or shaking their head, that's often a good sign their ears are irritated and in distress.​

It's important to clean your dog's ears at least once a month and more if they swim or get their ears wet on a regular basis. You can get that done at the local groomer or the vet or you can save money by doing it yourself.

If you plan to take on this fairly easy task, you'll need a good ear cleaning solution, here's what we like to use.

Our Top Picks - Best Dog Ear Cleaners



#1 - Zymox Pet King Ear Treatment

#2 - EcoEars Natural Dog Ear Cleaner

#3 - Virbac Epi-Octic Advanced Ear Cleaner

#4 - Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes

#5 - Vet's Best Dog Ear Relief Wash

If you plan to do this yourself like we do, this article should provide some guidance.

In this article, we will be looking into the best ear cleaners for golden retrievers. It's best to find a cleaner that does the job, is good for your dog's ear, and easy to clean up. The last thing we want is another ear infection!  

  1. Types of Ear cleaners 
  2. how to clean your dog's ears 
  3. best ear cleaners for golden retrievers

different types of Ear Cleaners

Liquid cleaning solution

These are solutions that are most effective for getting your dog's ear clean. It's the type of cleaning solution you put into the ear, massage the ear, and then wipe the ear and dirty solution out.

This type of solution will work deep into your dog's ears and can get the deepest of dirt and debris out. It is a bit messier than ear wipes but liquid cleaning solutions are the go to pick of vets and groomers.

ear wipes

Ear wipes are a good one to go to and easier to use. They are also not as messy as a liquid cleaning solution, but they are not as effective as a liquid solution in getting deeper into the ear canal. 

I find this solution great for a quick clean, for example after swimming.

how to clean your dog's ears with liquid cleaner


Gather your supplies: 

Ear cleaning solution 

Cotton Balls 




Apply Ear Cleaner:

Hold your dog's ear open and gently squeeze cleaning solution (amount as instructed by the bottle and brand) into your dog's ear. 


Massage the Ear 

Massage the base of your dog's ear for about 20-30 seconds. The massage helps the cleanser get to the ridges of their ears and helps loosen the dirt and debris that is in the ear. After massaging, let your dog shake their head. A towel may be useful to hold next to their head at this point to keep from getting hit with the dirty liquid.



Use a cotton ball to wipe out the ear canal. Only use the cotton ball on the visible areas of the ear canal and outer ear.  If their ears are still dirty, repeat all the steps. ​

Be sure to reinforce to your dog that this is a GOOD thing by offering plenty of treats if they are unfamiliar with the process.

Also be sure to checkout our more complete article on taking care of your golden retriever's ears top to bottom.

Best Ear cleaners for golden retrievers 

When it comes to ear cleaning solution, you want something that cleans, minimize moisture build up, is painless, alcohol free, and that won't irritate your dog's ears. Based on those criteria and user reviews, here are the best ear cleaners for your golden retriever. 

This is a cleanser and treatment for your dog's ears. An enzymatic solution (a fancy way to say bio-degradable and non-toxic) that can break down debris using natural enzymes. The Zymox pet treatment is hands down the most popular ear cleanser.  

  • No antibiotics 
  • Great for bacterial, viral, and yeast infections
  • Enzymatic Solution


  • One step process
  • Instantly start working
  • Made in the US


  • Do not allow water in or near ear during use 

This is an all natural ear cleanser that has no chemicals or drugs. 

  • Quickly stop smell and discharge
  • No chemicals
  • Leaves ears fresh and clean


  • Uses Natural Botonicals
  • Super clean ears 


  • Burning sensation 
  • Has a weird smell

This is recommended by vets for routine ear cleaning. This cleanser dissolves wax while lifting debris. It also evaporates quickly so you can avoid a swampy ears. 

  • Dry solution
  • Low pH of 2.2
  • Alcohol free


  • Used by vets and groomers
  • Can be used on a daily basis
  • Great for ear infection prevention


  • Some allergic reactions
  • Doesn't smell great

This is a vet formula that helps gently clean, deodorize, and dry your dog's ears.

  • Alcohol free
  • Made in the USA


  • Gentle and safe and alcohol free
  • Made in the USA
  • Convenient


  • Wipes are too thin
  • Wipes are small

A wash cleanser that is made of natural ingredients and can be used as needed. Vet's Best also works hard to give your dog immediate relief.

  • Made in the USA
  • Natural ingredients


  • Can be used on the daily basis
  • Works quickly to clean out ears


  • Comes out of the bottle quickly
  • Strong smell

What's your go-to ear cleanser? ​​​​​

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