Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?

Written by Wen Duan

Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?

Yes, asparagus is a healthy ingredient for dogs.

Asparagus is low in fat and sugar and high in vitamins and fiber which is great for your dog. 

Asparagus is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Asparagus has Vitamin E, K, C, B6,  as well as Calcium, Thiamine, Potassium, Phosphorous, and a bunch of other beneficial minerals. It is a rich ingredient that is full of antioxidants that keeps dogs healthy in preventing diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. The antioxidant properties also help flush out toxins in the bloodstream.  

Asparagus is great for dogs dealing with constipation as it is high in fiber. Fiber also adds bulk to food, meaning that it makes your dog feel fuller and eat less. If you want high fiber, feed your dog the end of the asparagus spear, which is the most fibrous part of the vegetable.  

Interestingly, asparagus can give your dog smelly pee. Yes, it does it to some dogs also. Just like for humans, asparagus will make your dog's pee smell. Smelly pee from eating asparagus is normal and this is not a big deal if your dogs pee outside.   However, if your dog is not house trained or pees on a pee pad, you may want to consider holding off on asparagus until they are trained to pee outside. The smell is saturated and strong enough that it would be unpleasant in your home. 

Asparagus fern is poisonous to the dog. If you are growing asparagus, the fern on the asparagus plant are inedible. These ferns are harmful to dogs and should not be fed or available for your dog to eat.  While the eating the fern is not fatal for your dog, it will cause severe intestinal discomfort, diarrhea or vomiting. 

The asparagus from the grocery store is the stem of the plant which is ok to feed your dog.

Asparagus: Best serving Practices 

As with all foods, asparagus should be feed to your dog in moderation.  

Plain asparagus should grilled, steamed, or boiled and cut into small chunks for your dog. Make sure to remove the woody part of the asparagus before preparing it for eating.

The following video is a grain free recipe for your dog that includes asparagus. This recipe is grain free and low carb with fresh ingredients. 

3 Things to Avoid when Feeding your dog asparagus: 

  1. Avoid adding garlic or lemon to the asparagus. Garlic and lemon are not good for your dog. Garlic is a mild to moderately harmful ingredient and lemon also contains harmful compounds that can lead to an upset stomach.  When preparing asparagus for yourself and your family on the grill, it is best to include a plain stalk on the grill for your dog. 
  2. Avoid raw asparagus. Raw asparagus and stalks can be hard and tough for dogs to digest. Many veterinarians recommend cooking asparagus before serving it to your dog to increase digestibility and decrease choking hazards. 
  3. Avoid giving your dog too much asparagus. Because of it's high fiber content it's best to feed asparagus in moderation. Too much cooked asparagus can cause loose stools.   

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