Can Dogs Eat Seaweed?

Written by Wen Duan

 can dogs eat seaweed?

Yes, dogs can eat some types of seaweed. Both Nori (sushi sheets) and wet food grade kelp seaweed are safe and healthy treats for dogs to eat. However, Do not feed your dog dried/dehydrated seaweed. 

Seaweed is a super food. It has 60 different beneficial vitamins, minerals, and trace elements of 21 amino acids. It is a complex carbohydrate that is fantastic for your dog's health.

Based on the cell structure, seaweed is a lot more digestible than other plants. Seaweed can help restore the health of your dog's skin and tissues and help your dog's cognitive abilities.

Containing a bunch of antioxidants, protein, and lot of good minerals, seaweed makes a great supplement or enhancer that can be added to your dog's diet. 

Dangers of dried and wild seaweed

Do not give your dog dried seaweed to eat. Dried seaweed is not the same thing as Nori. Nori are seaweed sheets that are used to make sushi. Dried seaweed is seaweed in dehydrated form. 

If you give your dog dried seaweed it will expand a lot in their stomach and digestive systems which can lead to fatal digestive blockages.  In the video on the right, you can see how dried seaweed expands when put in water. 

Seaweed on the beach are usually dried by the sun. So when you dog eats dried seaweed, the seaweed will expand and cause blockage in your dog's stomach and intestines. This could be deadly. 

The dehydrated seaweed will expand the moment it absorbs liquid. Once it becomes lodged in the dog's intestinal track, it will block off blood supply to the intestine before rupturing it.

According an UK Telegraph article: "It is estimated that a third of dogs who ingest dried up seaweed die." In the hot heat on a beach, seaweed from the ocean dries up and shrinks to a fraction of it's size. A thin pencil piece can expand to a leg size piece of seaweed. If your dog ate dried seaweed, take your dog to your vet as soon as possible.  

seaweed: best serving practices 

Seaweed can be added as a topper or given as a treat. Nori can be broken down and sprinkled on top of your dog's food. There are also seaweed supplements that you can add to your food. 

Interestingly enough, natural seaweed tastes naturally salty from minerals but is actually low in salt. Seaweed snacks (such as snake seaweed have added salt and other flavorings that are not good for your dog's long term health. 

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