Coolest Dog Costumes for Golden Retrievers

Written by Wen Duan

Kids aren't the only ones that go out trick or treating! When it comes to Halloween festivities, don't forget about your four-legged companion.

Whether you go trick or treating with your kids or hand out treats at your home, your dog can be part of the holiday with a cool costume!

Here are some of my favorite Dog Halloween costumes that I found online.

An easy costume to put on, this TY Beanie Baby felt tag just clips on to your dog's collar. It is a quick and hassle free option for a Halloween costume. 

It's hilarious and it is easy for your dog to wear. It's easy to put on and tighten and will instantly make you Golden the center of attention. 

The alligator costume is easy to put on with the front and stomach harness. The costume has a shimmery sheen that gives you a scaly look. 

Looking for an easy outfit to put on your dog? Get some bat wings! Made from felt, these bat wings can either make a great accessory to a costume or an eye catching piece to put on your dog. 

Looking for something udderly adorable? This costume is a cute cow that has removable udders. 

Star wars fan? Looking for a Chewie to your Hans. This slip on costume lets your dog join your star wars family as your best friend Chewbacca. 

Doggy Shark, do, do ,do, do, do. This is a great costume for any kid who love sharks. It's an easy to put on costume that acts as a jacket great for trick or treating. 

A Halloween classic, the pumpkin costume is a high quality easy to wear costume that's perfect for dogs who aren't used to wearing clothing. 

Superhero family theme? Wonder Women is the way to go, have your dog dress up as a DC superhero.

Please remember to be safe and supervise your pet at all times when wearing a costume like these. 

Which costume did you like best? Do you have a favorite costume for your golden retriever that we missed? Comment below and let us know!

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Wen Duan

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