Is It Okay To Use Baby Wipes On My Dog?

Written by Teresa Eckert

Baby wipes. . . what would we do without them?  They are so convenient, come in a variety of types from generic to name-brand, regular to sensitive-skin, fragrance free to aloe enhanced, your baby can have it all! 

Baby wipes are not only used on your baby’s bum, but hands, feet, body and face. Wait, now that I think about it, it’s used for so much more. I even think there is a list out there for all of its usage.  Well, what about our goldens? Can we use baby wipes on dogs?

Yah or Nay?

There are two points of view – some say it is all right as long as they do not get any liquid in or around the dog’s eyes.  And if there is a reaction to the wipes, then a visit to the vet should be done immediately.  Knowing that there could be a negative reaction, we would recommend against using baby wipes on your golden.

Here are the main reasons why it is a “no” for baby wipes:

  • Baby wipes are formulated for a human’s Ph balance.
  • Some baby wipes have propylene glycol
  • Some baby wipes contain fragrances and moisturizing ingredients

Humans and dogs have different Ph balances, so what works for one may not work for the other. Some baby wipes contain fragrances, moisturizing ingredients or propylene glycol that can be toxic to your dog.

Usually the wipes would be used to clean your dog’s paws or dirty areas such as the face, ears, and/or muzzle. These are areas that your dog may tend to lick, which means whatever chemicals or toxins were on the wipes are now ingested by your dog.  Some of those chemicals can be fatal in large doses. 

What About Dog Wipes?

Nothing replaces a good bath, which should be a standing routine dependent on your dog’s needs.  However, sometimes a quick cleaning is required, if baby wipes are out, what can you do?

There are several dog-friendly wipes out there that are safe and effective. They have your dog’s Ph balance in mind and do not have the harmful ingredients that can irritate your dog’s skin and body. 

Here is a selection of some of the favorites:

Pogi's Grooming Wipes

  • Perfect for wiping away dirt between baths. 
  • Earth-friendly - made from bamboo fiber
  • Hypo-allergenic - free of alcohol and harsh chemicals

Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spring Water Wipes

  • Mild enough for everyday use
  • Eliminates tough pet odors
  • Alcohol free formula

Wahl’s Refresh Cleaning Wipes

  • All plant derived ingredients
  • Great for paws, face, ears and body
  • Alcohol free formula

Earthbath All-Natural Grooming Wipes

  • Large wipes
  • Contain only natural cleansers and conditioners
  • Will not remove spot-on flea control products

Petkin Petwipes

  • Gentle enough for every day use
  • Alcohol free, non-irritating & non-toxic
  • Wipes away daily dirt and odor

When To Use Dog Friendly Wipes

Again, dog-friendly wipes are not a substitute for a bath but they are convenient and do serve a purpose.  These are just a few times when dog wipes come in handy:

  • Wiping off surface dirt on your dog’s fur/coat
  • Great for spot cleaning – muzzle, ears, etc.
  • Wiping paws after walking in mud/snow/etc.
  • Wiping paws after walks to prevent tracking in who knows what
  • Allergic to dog dander, daily wipe down may help control allergens

Even though dog wipes are specially formulated for your pet, that does not mean that it will not affect them.  Some dogs are very sensitive so you should always shop for fragrance and chemical free products. If your golden has a negative reaction, stop using and see your vet.

And if you are not interested in wipes altogether, you can wipe your dog down the old-fashioned way with a moist hand towel. Isn’t this the way we did it before wipes came along?

About the author

Teresa Eckert

Teresa is a co-founder of Golden Retriever Love and is the fur-mom to Annie the Golden Retriever and Remi the Chocolate Lab. Teresa enjoys spoiling her pups and occasionally writing some great content for us on this blog!