What You Should Know About The Furminator Dog Comb For Golden Retrievers

Wen Duan
Written by Wen Duan

Furminators are one of the most popular brushes out there and is a top contender on a lot of best pet brush list because it is judged on its ability to brush out the "most" hair. Unfortunately, some of that "most" is hair that is still firmly attached to the dog!

The Furminator is a great tool for occasional brushing, but I personally would not recommend it for more frequent daily or weekly brushing. 

The reason why you see a lot of hair when using the Furminator is because it is brushing out all the hair AND stripping out a portion of your dog's undercoat.

What does this mean? Instead of just brushing out shedded, lose hair and removing fallen hair, the Furminator pulls and cuts firmly attached hair out.

The Furminator does not discriminate between the top and bottom coat. So when it cuts the hair off, your dog's coat will constantly try to repair itself. 

The Furminator can also cause razor burn and skin burns on your dog. Dog skin is a lot more sensitive than human skin since it is protected by their coat. Using the Furminator on a regular basis as a dog brush will damage your dog's coat and even cause skin irritation overtime. 

The Furminator can be a great tool for other types of coats, just not golden retrievers or other dogs with double coats. Some golden retriever owners find it's useful to use this a couple times a year during their dog's heaviest shedding times.

Used in such a way (a few times a year) by a user who understands what the brush is doing, can make it a useful tool.

Unfortunately, the problem is that a lot of owners unknowingly use the Furminator as an everyday brush and cause real damage to their golden retriever's coat.

Don't think your Furminator cuts fur? Take a peek at this video...

In a quick search on Google, you can find dozens of real world examples of people who both dislike and like the Furminator for several reasons.

The one thing we find in common with most information we have found is that the Furminator can be ok if used in moderation (no more than every couple of weeks and for very short periods of time).


  • Cuts and pulls out the undercoat hair
  • Leaves hair uneven and damages the shiny coats
  • Leaves the hair more coarse
  • Overuse can lead to razor burns and skin issues


For golden retrievers (or any long haired dog with a double coat) the best option is using a combination of a slicker brush and an undercoat rake.

For more details and instructions please check out my article on Best Dog Hair Brush for Golden Retrievers so you'll have a better understanding of what options are out there. 


Please leave us a comment below and tell us about your experience with the Furminator dog brush.

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  • Shedzilla is a much better tool on goldens. We use one with great results. NO RAZOR BURN. Brush the Furminator on your forearm with the same pressure you would use on your golden…after 3 or more passes it irtitates your skin. Do the same with the Shedzilla its totally different. No irritation.
    Available at wal mart amazon etc.

    • Avatar AnnieTheGolden says:

      Very true Artemus!

      We actually prefer the PawsPamer and it’s a similar type of brush. We got ours from Amazon here… https://amzn.to/2JAqHcw

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