Why Does My Golden Retriever Lay On My Feet?

Written by Cory Eckert

Golden retrievers are known for being a very affectionate breed. They’re kind and love human interaction and affection. They love being around you, whether it be through going on daily walks, cuddling on the couch, or even just sitting on their owners feet.

You may notice that sometimes when you are in the middle of doing something, a golden retriever likes to sit by your feet. Why is this? A dog's behavior can be complicated, but here are some reasons why your dog likes laying down by your feet.  

Reason Why Your Golden Retriever lays at your feet

They are showing you affection

Your pup could be sticking so close to you for comfort, both yours and theirs.

Have you ever been stressed or unwell and your dog won't leave your side? Dogs are loyal and you are their family. Your dog may not be able to talk to you to comfort you but they can give you caring attention through their actions by being near you. 

Laying on top of your feet or at your feet is a sign of affection. Just as humans hold each other's hands, dogs can show affection by snugging up to you or near you. Not only that but your golden may have noticed that this makes their human feel good when they are rewarded with scratches and pets. 

They want some comfort and security

You give them security, if they feel unsure, they may seek you out. It's their way of seeking out support from a loved one. When someone is vacuuming, my dog seeks me out and lays at my feet. To me, it is her way of telling me she needs comfort through pets or just wants comfort by being near a loved one. Sometimes they may just want to stay close to you for some reassurance of your protection. 

They want to protect you

Dogs also lay at your feet as a form of protection. If a dog feels his family is in danger, he will place himself near you to protect you from a threat. Most of the time there is no real danger present. If a dog perceives there is something unsafe or threatening, they sometimes will place himself between you and the threat to protect you. 

they do not want to share

Have you brought a new dog into your household to your current dog? Sometimes, your old dog may be a bit territorial towards a new dog entering their domain.

It's hard for children to share parents' attention, toys, and food with a new sibling. This is very similar with dogs so your dog may sit at your feet as a way of communicating "this is mine" to a new dog.  They are claiming you just as you think of them as "your dog." 

They may be cold 

Some dogs will lay at a person's feet when they are cold and they will curl up to your foot for warmth. With that said, Goldens have an undercoat that helps them keep warm. Golden Retrievers are more likely to get too hot than too cold. Shorter haired, smaller dogs are more prone to sit at an owner's feet for being cold than Golden Retrievers.

Why do you think that your golden retriever might be laying on your feet? If you have any other information that you think we should add to this article or any other questions, we would love to hear them!

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Cory Eckert

Cory is the co-creator of GoldenRetrieverLove.com and a life long dog enthusiast. From training livestock dogs as a child to working with obedience classes as an adult, it's hard to imagine Cory without a dog. Currently enjoying being a dog parent to Remi (a chocolate lab) and Annie (a golden retriever).